The End of the Game

Peter Beard escribió  The End of the Game en los años 60. En esta obra empleó el final de la caza como una metáfora de las transformaciones que el hombre blanco impuso al continente africano. The End of the Game es una crónica de la destrucción de un territorio mítico en el que la crueldad de la naturaleza fue bruscamente  sustituida por la crueldad del progreso. Y un aviso sobre el destino de un planeta herido por la falta de sentido común del ser humano.

The End of the Game - Taschen

This, then, is the tragic paradox of the white man’s encroachment. The deeper he went into Africa, the faster the life flowed out of it, off the plains and out of the bush and into the cities, vanishing in acres of trophies and hides and carcasses. The coming of the white man, who imposed his steel tracks, his brains, and his will, on the great continent was attended by glory and courage, ennobled by sacrifice, enriched by science and medicine and law. But it marked the beginning of the end in a land where nature herself had always been sovereign: at once sickness and cure, crime and punishment, beginning and end. Not the least of the signs of decay and dying was the gradual, remorseless end of the wild game.

Like most things African, the top of Kenya would all too soon be taken by the white man. What a mission had gazed upon with freshness and wonder, explorers would conquer and give names to, geographers would explain, often incorrectly, and the tourist world would one day take for granted. It was Krapf, the scholarly member of the Church Missionary Society, who, in discovering the ancient home of Ngai and bringing his civilized god to the natives, had pointed the way-forward to ruin, backward to oblivion.

As the century turned, Africa began to emerge from a Dark Age stretching as far back as life on earth, into all the years that lay ahead-years of Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industry, and, if you will, Anxiety. It is fitting that Grogan made his symbolic trek as a survey for a railroad, the means through which foreign capital, the paraphernalia of technology, and foreigners themselves would enter. But because an incision is also a wound, the railroad was also the means through which the old life suppurated and poured out of Africa.

Peter Beard: The End of the Game (Taschen)

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  1. Concha Huerta en dijo:

    Cuanta miseria creada por el ansia de matar del hombre. Un instinto que la verdad no entiendo. Las imágenes durísimas para nuestros ojos celebradas para los ojos de otros tiempos. Una lástima

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